FADNOR Interactive Media is a unique and creative web design firm specializing in web design, Graphic design, web programming and corporate identity. With a professional team of web designers, designers, programmers and marketing experts, we have successful long-term cooperation with enterprise, listed companies and international groups since 1999. We provide only custom solutions that are built for each individual client. Whatever your idea is, we develop them to create a distinctively customized website to set you apart from the competitors. For the sake of providing an all-in-one solution, we create for you a distinguishing identity conveying your corporate personality to your target audience and market.
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    • RWD網頁設計案例-長友營造
    • RWD網站設計案例-長榮海事博物館
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    • 設計案例-EVA AIR 自助報到系統UI視覺設計
    • 設計案例-UNI AIR 自助報到系統UI視覺設計
    • 設計案例-香港運陞集團 車體彩繪視覺設計
    • 設計案例-EVA AIR 廣告BANNER設計
    • 設計案例-UNI AIR LINE貼圖設計
    • 設計案例-17 Media 活動設計
    • 設計案例-陽明海運 年度企業形象規劃設計
    • 設計案例-EVA AIR 形象廣告稿設計
    • 設計案例-UNI AIR 形象廣告稿設計
    • 設計案例-evasion 形象廣告稿設計
    • 設計案例-近鐵汽車 保養維修手冊規劃設計
    • 設計案例-金晉輝企業 產品型錄規劃設計

    • Want to stand out in a crowd? Look for a distinctive website tailored to your needs? Our team of professional web designers translate your vision into reality!
    • Whatever the platform is, we offer absolutely customized web programming with friendly user interface to efficiently manage the database and quickly maintain the website.
    • Are you ready to make your brand remarkable? We provide an integrated solution for building up and enhancing your corporate image through every communication means.
    • No matter what kind of ad creations or multimedia presentations you request, you can rely on us.
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